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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Have you finished all the episic missions yet? Chances are you haven't.

Then there are all sorts of dailies, PvE queue missions and events, PvP, STFs, building a Starbase with your fleet, the new reputation progression system, Foundry missions...
I got stuck on one Romulan mission. Every time I tried to do it, the warbird would seriously destroy me. Finally just gave up on it.

I've been doing a lot of Starbase 24 as it's enjoyable. And I kind of fell into doing Mirror Incursion whenever it pops up on the hourly list.

I'd like to help build our fleet's starbase, but I understand that takes DL, and I am seriously lacking in the gathering of that sort of stuff.

The problem I've had is I just don't know where to start anything, or what to start, so keep doing the same missions over and over again. I went to Q's Winter Wonderland yesterday and wandered around before I couldn't figure out how to do anything interesting.
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