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12-10-2012, 12:36 PM
Depends entirely on what you are into I'd say.

Albeit for the moment you need to check out the christmas event and specifically the free ship where you have to do a daily 25 times to get it.

What I did was ignore everything and race to level 50 knowing the rewards were better.
Then I jumped straight to elite stf's again because of the rewards.

I never read a single textbox or spent time on anything but going for max profit.

However now stf rewards are locked out I'd probably pick items from episode runs especially ship items like deflectors etc. for my build.
Possibly also even ship weapons depending on the kind of time and willpower I had. If not simply find some cheap second hand weapons on the exchange.

I don't know if I'd even do reputation or stf on a new character. I have a fresh alt and i have yet to bring him into stf or a romulan mission because he doesn't have neither the exp or the EC's for it.

Whatever you are into though I strongly recommend you start doing doff'ing as your no. 1.

They take time but it's passive time so you "level up" while you are afk or doing other stuff.
Doff will earn you EC's, items and new or stronger abilities for your boff and overall build.
You should go for colonization, confiscate contraband, console fabrication and officer exchanges.
There is like a top 5 doff assignments you have to do daily because everyday you aren't doing them you are losing profit

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