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12-10-2012, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by salem1574 View Post
Loving Q?s Winter Wonderland! However I wish Q?s Appreciation Packages where unbound to the point where I could give excess Appreciation Packages to a less fortunate fleet members.

Mind you I said GIVE not SELL on the exchange. It?s not that I am against them being sellable, but I do want to be realistic.

I would rather be able give them away then just have them doing nothing but gathering dust in the bank. Worse come to worse at least be able to convert them to Lantinum or something useful?
Why not salable? Buying them costs money, cryptic wants to make money, some people are willing to pay money for them, why not make them salable and let people who cant or wont take part in the winter event every day buy from others?