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12-10-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by thepantsparty View Post
The Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit does have something which few other sci ships have - a Lt. Com. tactical slot. The other ships that have that are those with universal Lt. Com. slots, the Wells, Vesta, and Orb Weaver, and it's less expensive than those ships. Does its increased offensive options make up for its lower hull and shields compared to a Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel? That's an open question.
You do have a very good point. I noticed that Lt. Cmdr. Tac slot on it. I'll answer the open question with a very open opinion - I don't think it does. Some of the Lt. Cmdr. Boff abilities (Engineering ones especially) are very powerful, but I don't think that extra option offsets the difference. It already has less crew and less hull strength...I don't think the two are worth the same, which disheartens me.

Now the shield, I actually held onto that for this last part. The shields modifier is an abyssmal 1.01, which is a very big deal. The 1.3 shield modifier is a big deal with Science ships - a core ability. It should never dip below that 1.3. The other fleet variants have things like 1.35 and even up to 1.43. So, I do believe the Science Retrofit and its fleet variant are underpowered right now.

The non-fleet Science Vessel Retrofit, however, just sucks. It doesn't get the Lt. Com. tactical slot and uses the same layout as the Recon Science Vessel while having less hull and shields for no apparent reason.
Yeah, really....just buff it to a near-reskin, please.