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12-10-2012, 01:12 PM
1. Ship hull seems stuck at 10,000 regardless of what ship's available.
2. Base turn display is wrong.
3. On the Captain screen, traits are not displaying.
4. Bridge officer traits are not displaying.

1. Bridge officer seating is not displayed.
2. Data on specific equipment is limited to just the fluff, doesn't include stats.
3. No extended ship data- no shield modifier value, no inertia value, etc.
4. Currency display (under captain profile) could use bulking out to include marks, visual indication of various currencies, and the like.
5. Reputation seems totally absent.

Would Be Nice If:
1. Ship display includes attributes from weapons/consoles (Omega shield, borg console, Reman shield, etc)
2. Ship status display includes active shield/hull figures (i.e., values inclusive of all abilities and equipment)
3. View access to mail, inventory, and bank