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Well, this keeps happening to me constantly aswell.

I dont mind being one shot kill from HY if its not shot down, or take good tank cruiser/carrier with 100% hull and shields down to 10% hull. But it must be vissible and destroyable, not as stated here it was shot down but it hit anyway.

The biggest issue is, as many times stated before, invisible torpedos dealing up to 55k damage. But thats not all. I keep checking damage on my ship when I blow up and I just keep wondering why a single regular plasma torpedo, visible or not, hits me THREE times? When I sum thouse three hits I rarely get total damage below 60k. And thats not only from tac cube, this happens with torpedos fired mostly from cubes, tac cubes and gates, but sometimes even from spheres.
Ok, let normal borg plasma torpedo deal nocrit damage 5k - 16k to bare hull instead of around 500 - 52k noncrit damage even throu full shields. Borg torps should be restricted by shields just like every other torps, thats why they have shield neutralizers for, right? Also it seams, atleast in my eyes, that borg have way to high chance to inflict plasma fire with their weapons. That applies to every elite STF.
Nice example is my klingon Vo'quv. Full shields and hull against tac cube, suddenly shields are gone and hull is down to 8%, then boom.

I got hit three times with single HY I overlooked:
First hit was for like 3k, didnt managed to get log of that.
Combat (Self) Tactical Cube's officer Heavy Plasma Torpedo's Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III dealt 4553 (54937) shield damage to you.
Combat (Self)] Tactical Cube deals 114157 (193726) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III.

I dont complain about damage from this HY but about it hitting me three times, just like most of borg plasma torpedos in elite STFs does.

Now, KASE has its problems too. Donatra fires thalaron right after decloak, or blows ships outside the displayed attack cone (fires at wider angle that displayed), and her salvos one shot most ppl, even with full hull, shields, tac team and rotate shield freq active.

Challenge? Ok, they already have a lot of HP, powerfull 360deg beams, most boff abil on lvl 3, I am fine with that. But these torp damage are just insane.

But theres a nother problem. NPCs fire torpedos even after destroyed, to be precise, before they explode. So they are destroyed, hence we cant fire at them but before they explode they can fire at us.

Just made ISE
First torpedo hit (gate explodes after inpact):
[Combat (Self)] Gateway's Plasma Torpedo dealt 6310 (27520) shield damage to you.
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 15558 (49354) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 907 (1365) Plasma Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.

Cca 6 seconds later (gate gone, invisible):
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 43986 (50394) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.

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