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12-10-2012, 01:35 PM
I can't speak for others but none of this is personal for me. Personal attacks are pointless regardless of whatever rational one can dream up to justify them. I think "Devs" tends to be the catch all term (like P2W is for all bad mechanics since F2P even if those things aren't literally P2W). I don't even know whether it's a Dev problem as much as a Ownership problem. I don't know who actually makes the decisions or how they determine what constitutes a success.

That being said, if a dog defecates on the carpet you can praise him, ignore him, or rub his nose in it and tell him "No! Bad dog!" Of the three options, reminding them that what they are doing is bad has a slightly better potential for achieving success than the other two.

Maybe they get that things aren't great but unless or until they can do something to fix the problem, negativity is an unfortunate reality. They can bury their head in the sand to protect fragile egos or they can recognize that a problem exists and take steps to resolve it.

Not everything is bad.

I'm not motivated by a need to troll the Development team. When they do well I'll be among the first in line to praise them for it (The DS9 Pack and Doffemon were excellent). Sometimes I'll even shy away from commenting on something that's been beaten into the ground unless a new wrinkle appears. But the only way anything can improve is if we continue to give feedback (hopefully in constructive ways), especially if it's negative.