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12-10-2012, 01:45 PM
The devs have specifically stated in the past that 5 forward facing weapons are currently not supported by the ship framework engine. Even if it were, escorts already roast ships running 4 Dual Heavy cannons. Do we really want to give them 5? And a escort with cruiser level hull and shields (*cough* bug ship *cough*), but with battle cloak (overpowered if you do this). On top of that you want to give it Lt. Commander Engineering? The ship would be close to invincible. You realize that any escort with battle cloak is going to have to take a major hull penalty for balancing reasons. Bird of Prey are already a pain to kill in PvP due to their battle cloak. The one advantage escorts have over them is the fact that a fully buffed Beam Overload III can kill them in one shot. Double the bird of prey's hull and they would destroy everything.