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12-10-2012, 01:49 PM
As a whole I find this forum is much less caustic than PvE forums have been toward Devs, Mgt, and other players. Yet, the PvE side gets more resource time and effort. Granted that has been by and large a grind fest to fill Cryptic's pocket, it's still been much more than PvP has gotten. Any Dev who reads the customer feedback and determines the root problem is w/the customer base needs to stop drinking the coolaid.

The lion's share a problems with this game in general and more specifically PvP have come from the top down for years now. Quite frankly they're not going to change enough to make things better regardless of what Devs do or say let alone forum posters. If I was an employee of this company I'd keep a low profile, pad my resume, and then look for a way out before my professional reputation takes too big of a hit.