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12-10-2012, 02:52 PM
The forum is filled with spazes sometimes. Ignore the idiots and play Trek, it's fun if you ignore the idiots.

As to your actual problem with the big white splotches.

It's a bug with the coding. They were meant to be nebulas to be added to the background to make the game look prettier.

Along the way however, the system decided it was a good idea to redraw the nebulas about one million times in the exact same spot. This in turn chews up video processing resources like nobody's business and makes it impossible to do very much in a zone that's affected.

The good news is, the devs are aware of this and have fixed about 60% of the zones with the problem. They're still in the works with identifying and removing the problem from the other 40%. It'll take time, but they'll get to them.

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