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12-10-2012, 02:07 PM
The non-fleet upgrades are indeed wasted resources, the fleet retrofits are definitly not. Looking at their stats they may have lower shield mods, but all T2 and T3 fleet upgrades get additional shield capacity outside of their shield mod. The only real difference is natural shield regeneration (which depends on shield mods), but capacity is comparable to T5 fleet upgrades.

Example: My Fleet Nova with Maco MKXII and without Field Generators actually has a slightly higher capacity than my Fleet Nebula. T5 fleet upgrades will have higher capacity as soon as you start to add Field Generators, since again T2 and T3 have lower basic mods.

Hull values aren't an issue at all and you can't compare a Nova's hull and a Deep Space Science Vessel. The Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit is basically a Recon variant and with this it is on par. The Fleet Research Science Vessel could best be described as a D'Kyr fleet version without the questionable pet and with an awesome turn rate.

I can't say anything about the Fleet Escort Retrofit, but I can assure you that the Fleet Science, Fleet Research Science and Fleet Heavy Cruiser are all excellent ships, even for premade PvP. Same goes for the KDF ships.
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