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12-10-2012, 02:13 PM
DRK I hear you but the problem has always been that we are out and out mislead. Its one thing if they said, "PvPers we do not care about you because you are like 5% of the game take what we give or don't, there is bigger group PvE that fills the coffers." We all could have lived with that and left or continued to grind or whatever. No they get on say, "You are right PvP is borked we are working on fix, it should be next season. Ok myabe not this season maybe next." I am sorry but devs are the reason why the atmosphere is toxic and most of the PvPers have moved on or have taking really long breaks. Cryptic has wanted to kill PvP since it went F2P becaue lets be real we are a small portion of the money they bring in.
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