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# 7 TOS Constitution experiment
12-10-2012, 02:14 PM
I have now bought a T1 TOS Constition class light cruiser to test how well it fights level 50 NPC's in normal dificultiy. I will share my build later. It's still work in progress.

The hull is only 13 000 and that is smal. It helps a lot with a XII MACO shield. There are only 3 weapon slots on this ship, so you can't get much firepower. There are three ensign bridge officer slots. That makes abillities with shared cooldown a bad idea.

I have tested this ship in PvE with other players. The fun thing there is that the enemies doesn't target me often. They choose to target targets with more hull. I die maximum one time in such a event. It have happend that ships with more hull than me have blowed up before me, but that is because the enemies target them instead of me.

I have not tested PvP with this ship. Why? Because it would have blown up in a few seconds. This ship is only for PvE engineers.

Fllying a ship like this is a good way to train your pilot skill, because it forces you to surrive without many buffs.

I will do more testing with this. Remember: Everything old is new :3
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