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12-10-2012, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by soiduts View Post
I have everything turned off completely and that doesn't make a difference.
Azure Nebula and the Federation Starbase Blockade are the two levels that I have the most issues with. Both are unplayable and lock up the computer. I had no issues with the Blockade mission before the Season 7 patch. It seems any level that has the exterior model of the Fleet Starbase has the graphics issue.

It seems to only affect Intel HD 2000 GPU's as my other laptop with a 3000 GPU does not have the issue and I've tried it on another computer with a 3000 GPU with no issues.

I get the same result. Graphics lowest. Bloom off. Everything I can mod, modded to the lowest. 3-4 blackouts, desktop shows. "Display driver has crashed and recovered." <(=/\=)But never does, Typical windows... (=/\=)> And then I get BSOD... Restart PC, try to do anything, BOOM. BSOD again. If they don't fix this I think I may just quit. This started just after the S7 patch. Worked fine before it.
Intel i3 core.
Compaq Presario CQ57 laptop.
Mostly used for STO <(=/\=) When it works... (=/\=)>
All other 3D games work fine.

Cryptic, Perfectworld. Get your staff on this or you will loose the majority of captains, as most computers use intel.

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