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12-10-2012, 02:24 PM
Breen ship?

also double Aux2bat Fleet excel with technicians can put out horrifying firepower from behind huge hull and high shields.

I run the battery build with the time DEM doff so every other time I let rip with my BO3 and CRF the weapons power stays above 100. Have to be careful of the off cycle BO, as I have carelessly dropped my weapons power to 0 a few times. But a properly set up alpha with a weapon bat for the second round of BO CRF and you melt anything in the game. For PVE swarms swap CRF for CSV, and its drop a large ships shield facing and frag the spam around it in the first 5 seconds.

The ens eng isnt hat bad now that Eng team fixes alot of shutdown effects.

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