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-Add more Fleet Emblems (specifically the Odyssey silloette).
-Fix the 'Federation Starship Interior: The Original Series' from the TOS Bundle so that the doff assignment NPCs are wearing the same TOS uniform as the rest of the crew.
-Fix the "Belfast" Bridge interior from the DS9 Bundle so that the crew (including doff assignment NPCs) are dressed in DS9 uniform.
-A Career Change token. Basically its a respec but you also choose a different career.


-Add doff assignments or something similar that allows Captains to unlock new sections of their ship. Like how Fleet Projects unlock/upgrade their starbase.
-Add more ship customizability or at least more areas of the ship that can be decorated. If not then at least make more different ship interior layouts (not talking about bridge layouts). I highly doubt the Defiant-class has the same circular interior layout as the Galaxy-class or the Galaxy compared to the Odyssey.
-TOS Enterprise Retrofit for VAs! Sorry it had to be said, lol.


-This should be under short-term but for some reason it hasnt eluded you guys. Address why the Human Traits: Leadership & Teamwork are hard for you to get working properly. And then it should go without saying but, fix it, please!

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