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12-10-2012, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus View Post
The MVAM is the most effective PvE ship. The Lt Com sci slot offers so many options on the little escort.
Funny I have flown the regular free MVAM on another tac and its a supper fast ship - moving too fast some times for my point and click play style.

The real funny thing is that I bought the Adv MVAM in the last sale but have yet to try it out. The Current tac I am lvling just hit 46 so I will take it out first with this one.

I have so many ships It become a bog down - especially given that I spend 75% doffing.

Perhaps I will give the Fleet Excel a try too as it is only 1 ship module.

Is there any point in PvE in using the MVAM console??