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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
there is no single best ship for tac in sto...depends more on how you play, and what you like estheticly. The choice is yours...but if your choice falls on the star cruiser then i'm wasting my time here.
also some other ships i wouldn't even consider on that list, but thats my opinion...the star cruiser however is a waste for a tac toon and that is a fact.

the sci ships you listed, well possible, but then you should stack dmg abilitys (those get boosted by APalpha)...but in general sci vessels are not suited for tacs very well...there are exceptions ofcourse, but not on your list.

personally my tac has a fleet defiant, love it, though the multivector is ZEF too. (my opinion)
patrol escort...the fleet variant, not the basic one. have it too, most versatile of all the escorts and the most sturdy (not only on paper)
this one can pack a TBR and TSS and HE which is very handy for many, many applications...if you do not need TBR change the boff to something else. but that ability is just too damn awesome to ever not want it. dmg against unshielded stationary targets (basically all stfs) and crowd control at it's finest for starbase blockade, stf cure, infected, KA,

at the end i have to say that the breen ship may outshine them all, i have yet to test january
I have actually seen idiots ruin the opt on infected with TBR - pushing the nanites right at the Transformer!