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Are you looking to make a new KDF fleet with your friends? Then I've got the digs for you! Get a jump start on your fledgeling fleet's starbase without dumping loads of time and dilithium into it.


Tier 1 base overall, with Tier 2 upgrade ready to be slotted
Tier 1 Military complete and upgraded
Tier 1 Engineering complete, upgrade is currently taking contributions
Tier 2 science complete and upgraded
Tier 1 Transwarp gate complete, Tier 2 upgrade ready to be slotted
115 total provisions accumulated, about 1/2 buffs
Most of the 200k dilithium limited time projects complete, with only a couple missing to fill in when they re-run

The total Fleet Credit value of all contributions to date is > 4 million. Using the Cryptic-assigned conversion of 100 EC / Fleet credit, that puts the estimated value of the starbase over 400 million EC. Considering much of the contributions such as duty officers are rewarded at a less favorable rate, the actual value of contributions made is likely quite a bit more than this.

Bottom line, I am looking to sell this lovely piece of hardware for Energy Credits, plain and simple. If you are interested, please send me an offer via in-game mail to @clearbeard, and we can discuss the details. If you and your friends are looking to start a new KDF fleet, wouldn't it make more sense to take over one that's already established, than to start from scratch?

Shiva Vorruy'tir@clearbeard