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Originally Posted by vengefuldjinn View Post
...We wanted more to do in the winter event, WE'VE GOT LOTS of fun things to do this year.

The map is beautiful, like a virtual Christmas card. I only wish that we could have a night map too, all lit up holiday like, maybe next year

This is a HUGE improvement over the past years and it shows that they are REALLY listening !
Agreed! The map is fun to be in and look at. Maybe next year we could get a day/night cycles (like the Bajor ground map) with corresponding "Christmas tree lighting" effects for the after dark portion of the cycle.

I really have fun on the races. They're one of my favorite parts, be it the single one-on-one, or the group race. For the latter, I'm really looking forward to the cliff/shortcut being fixed. I'm not hatin' - I mean "everyone is doing it" - So yeah, if everyone jumped off a cliff, would I? In this case, yes. That's fine, but I think the race will be even more interesting/challenging when it's longer, and we have to deal with more obstacles. That should really be interesting.

Another thing I noticed about the group race, are the people that throw snowballs at other players in an attempt to knock them down just prior to the start. Not my bag, I would never do that to others (on this I do take the higher moral ground). I've been knocked down. I don't care. I get back up and run anyway (funny thing is, both times I beat the snowballers, lol). I figure it's just part of the "charm" of the race, and even if it were to make me fail, who cares? A) Just a game. B) Snow Epohh Tags are uber-plentiful. C) There will be another race in just a few minutes, and this is still going to go on for weeks to go! >shrug<

I played STO a lot these last two days. My main Fed character has everything except the female-only cropped jackets, the Flurry gun (I got Avalanche, and one snowball gun is enough), and the purple lirpa (holding out for the purple bat'leth). I've started on my main KDF toon, and he already has the three long jackets, scarf, and Avalanche.

Being able to trade in Zone Chat for Holiday Collectibles is awesome! People are usually pretty receptive to requests (in fact when I post: I need 1 of X for 1 of Y), s'long as it's matched rarities, I've never gone unanswered. Cryptic, thank you for letting us trade HCs; the meeting of new people and wheeling-and-dealing has been a convenient, and even a fun aspect of Q's Winter Wonderland.

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