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# 1 Captain Vs. XO Giving Orders
12-10-2012, 05:00 PM
Something just popped in my mind that I've wondered about ever since I first saw TNG in prime time. It would seem that the captain of the ship would be the one giving the orders and the XO might relay the required tasks to complete that order to his team.

I remember on more than one occasion when the evil alien of the week appeared Riker would yell out "Red Alert!" even though Picard was standing right there. Other times Riker would seem to give orders that Picard should have been giving (Keep our bow on the Scimitar, etc.).

I never really noticed this with any ST iteration other than TNG. Riker had a more forceful personality than Picard, so maybe he was overstepping his boundaries and Picard was letting it go. Or maybe the writers liked Riker more.

Any one with military experience have any experiences with orders given like this in the RL military? The XO giving orders the CO should be giving would seem to be insubordination to me. Did anyone even notice this? It drove me crazy.

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