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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
To think of it another way, the more pressure damage you put out, the less damage your enemy can effectively deal (because you're forcing them to break off/assume defensive maneuvers early).

I'm not saying you should focus too much on damage-dealing but I think there's generally a point of diminishing returns when building a "pure" healboat, and power levels are so easy to manage that there's really no reason not to prepare for your tactical side.
Something I've wondered about in regard to Healboats - for folks that are more comfortable just switching between Aux and Shields; would be the use of beams for procs rather than for damage.

Say you were using Polarized Disruptor Beam Arrays [Acc]x2.
You've got the 2.5% Disruptor proc. You've got the 2.5% Polaron Proc.
Now say you took the 2.5% Kinetic proc passive.
And say as part of your healing build, you took one of the [Pla] consoles instead of a shield/heal.

So that's:
2.5% -x Damage Resistance
2.5% -x Power
2.5% +Kinetic Damage
2.5% +Plasma DoT

Given the way that arrays fire in pulses - enemy target, fire - friendly target, heal - enemy target, fire - friendly target, heal...

...while you just switch Shield/Aux as necessary.

You're not really worried about doing damage, you're focused on the healing, but not only are you keeping your guys alive - you're potentially making it easier for them kill their targets as well.

They may also end up wasting HEs thinking it's more than it is - they may find hull being eaten away...etc, etc, etc.

Was just something I was wondering - and - it could be way out there in left field. I couldn't really imagine running a dedicated healer in PvP; and I definitely give props to those that even try.
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