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12-10-2012, 07:44 PM
I have lots of Fed ships but can't really settle on one for my new Fed Tac
If you have tried out all those ships you listed on your tac, then there isn't too much advice that can be given. Except for some minor differences, cannon-mounting escorts in PvE are not going to play any different from each other or require a different playstyle.

You're always going to get a relatively fast-turning ship, which you have to point at the enemy. Weather that ship is going to have a tiny bit more hull, a tad better turn rate or a Lt. Sci instead of a Lt. Eng. is not going to change much.

The Fleet Patrol for example, will "feel" the same and require the same basic tactics and playstyle as the Defiant-R, Fleet Defiant, MVAP, Steamrunner, Armitage or Fleet Sabre.