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Efficiency & Synergy

Damage Output
Efficient: The DHC/Turret combo gives a ship the most 'power dain' efficiency as your heavy hitters are firing at full or near full strength while your low damage weapons are hit with the brunt of power drain penalty. No other weapon setup is as good at mitigating the damage loss from this mechanic.
Synergy: Damage output follows a simply rough formula. (Total Base Damage * Critical Modifier * Damage Multiplier * Recharge Modifier) + Bonus Damage * Target Resist Multiplier. Total Base Damage is modified by weapon, +% consoles, captain skill, and Tactical Team. Critical Modifier is obvious and modified by Attack Pattern Alpha. Damage multiplier is modified by Attack Pattern Alpha, Omega, Go Down Fighting, Epower to Weapons, and Tac Fleet. Recharge Modifier by Rapid Fire. Bonus damage are weapon procs or Directed Energy Modulation. And Target Resist by AP Beta/Delta and Fire on my Mark. As you can see all those effects and abilities when combined become greater than each would be on it's own as they all multiply and create a synergy bonus that nothing else in the game does. This allows us to kill stuff fast.

Efficient: An escort has very simply power requirements that are covered by it's inherent bonuses. It has enough engine power to hit bonus defense cap and so much weapon power it is free to shift some into shields. Finally it has little need for additional Auxiliary power as it will typically only have one to three abilities that use it and will have around 50 inherently anyway.

Efficient: Avoiding damage is the most efficient option and the escort is the top dog. But beyond that the next most important part is high resist values relying primarily upon 2-3 armor consoles and the much loved ensign ability Emergency Power to Shields that an escort sacrifices very little to take. The final important factor is survival is healing and while the escort does have a minor penalty to innate shield regeneration they do receive the same exact amount of shield/hull from a boff ability as any other ship would. In the end the difference in the survival efficiency of the ships/setups they are so close it is splitting hairs. Finally having more survival at the cost of damage output than necessary is inefficient.

Many of the most frequently used debuffs by the NPCs are negated by Tactical Team and Attack Pattern Omega. E-Power to Shields and Hazard Emitters, both abilities an escort sacrifices little to have, remove all but a few of the remaining effects.In addition Tactical Team increases damage, and keeps you alive. Attack Pattern Omega increases damage and survivability significantly as well. These abilities are never wasted and always useful.

The skills desired for this are always on always useful. You do not need to worry about those six ranks of subspace decompiler that effects nothing on your setup when changing ships. Nor about taking aggro constantly with a skill such as threat control. Damage is always good, and every ship has weapon slots.

While at the lower levels ship types do seem to have better defined limitations when you get to VA many of those disappear for the tac DHC escort captain. He still gets to have high resistance rates on his shield/hull, a fair amount of healing and cleansing, and at the same time his damage capability increases in a multiplicative manner. By comparison the engineer cruiser finds his offensive options nearly as limited as at early levels and begins to suffer diminishing returns on his hull resistance and little need to boost shield resistance or healing as far as he can. Similarly the Sci/Sci begins to finally see many nasty options at his disposal but lacks the capability to truly focus on more than one. Yes yes these are generalizations but I honestly ask you does any combination in the game scale as well as this one?