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12-10-2012, 07:26 PM
Don't forget ability synergy. If a sci captain throws all his captain abilities on at once, he'll throw out an energy-damage-reducing field here, strip buffs there, summon decoys over there, and so on. Lots of tricks, but they don't much build off each other. Engineering captains are similar, with rarely a reason to pop off EPS Transfer, Nadion Inversion, and Miracle Worker all at the exact same time. With a Tac, APA + FOMM + GDF + Tac Fleet, they directly compliment each other into one killer package deal.

On BOFF abilities, its largely the same story. Sci powers give you lots of options but rarely work together (some do, maybe 2 powers in combination once in a while, but not usually). Engineering, same as sci, a bundle of mostly-independant abilities. Tactical? TT + CRF + THY + APO = boom.

Honestly I think that synergy might be a bigger single reason than anything else.