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Originally Posted by zorandra View Post
I just wish to post this DOESN'T mean you can't invite someone to your T5 fleet and let a new player buy a ship and leave tho?
Thanks, Zorandra for this response. In short, of course you may invite someone to your fleet for fleet-based transactions.

The whole philosophy behind the "no recruitment zone" during Boot Camp events is simply to remove additional pressure that newer players could feel, in addition to the pressure already exerted on them by the sharp learning curve that is PvP.

Simply put: Our goal at Boot Camp is to educate, not recruit players. What you do outside of the Boot Camp time with respect to recruitment is your own business. My concern is simply that the 1.5 hours/month during which Boot Camp is running is focused exclusively on making people better PvP players.

We will have a meeting in the very near future, perhaps arund the 21st, to discuss a wide range of issues, including recruitment policies. Again, thanks for keeping this issue at the forefront, beacuse it is very important.

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