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12-10-2012, 08:36 PM
Team v Team que and random team ques are not here yet and we do need them. You and i have had some good times back in the day. Now, i know and like a few Nova Core guys some, S.O.B and other fleet guys. I just got to say even with the consuls (buy it play it) Lobi ships yea expensive, Why dose Nova Core still struggle in pvp against Pugs? Its the Consuls. Cheep Tricks (Pay to win) are a handy cap to real skill. Strip them off train up and get in there and be what you could be. Then if you really find you like what a consul dose for your build and play style use it. Tric Mines and the Rep system you know its gana happen and that's all it will be for a few weeks soon. Cryptic dose need to step in and take a look. Game population is effected buy pvpers keep speaking out on that they will listen they want you to want the new ships and consuls the game is Free to Play and they want your ZEN