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12-10-2012, 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by brazen1ace View Post
That whiteout problem sounds a bit different from what the rest of us are experiencing. I find it interesting that the crashes are in some way related to what instance you are in. I might try changing instances and see if that allows me to stay in ground maps. Also a really odd thing I have encountered is that my Kinetic Cutting Beam does not show up at all. It fires, and does damage. But no beam...I can't tell if others see it or not. But for now it is an invisible weapon. I don't mind as much though, the graphics driver crashing my computer is muuuuch more serious.
Do you have your graphics settings set to low? If so, that may be the issue. I know that with my Party Popper, when I have my graphics settings low, it doesn't show up, but when I put the graphics settings back up, the item appears.