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12-10-2012, 10:41 PM
All coordinates given with /loc.
I have this bug on facility 4028 (the prison from the Cardassian chapter). I've set up a fight between targs and feds. Near the end of the fight, the mobs start vanishing, spawning back in the center of the map. They spawn at -75/0/50. Some of them try to reset (I can see the teleporter animation), but are warped back. I also added a lot of invisible walls, because targs used to jump one on top of another (it was not intended, and no, they didn't make babies that way) and jump over the wall, even the tall walls. I added several invisible walls, so even if they skip one, they can't reach the player and reset back. Dunno if it's related.
My BOFF fall to this location for no reasons.
All of them spawn half buried in the ground, one on top of another. Ever seen a pile of targs ? Because I did. And no babies again.

Also, I have some mobs getting warped away from their spawn, into a wall. They should spawn on 50/-40/-20, and spawn around 95/0/-51 (13m away from me, inside a wall)

Those bugs are new, the map was working before New Romulus, I was just correcting the typos and grammar before publishing.

I don't know if it's happening only on preview mode or also when published, and this is annoying.

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