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Hey everyone,

I've just recently returned to playing my Klingon player after a roughly 2-year absence (I only came back to do the mission to claim the free Bortasque Prototype and forgot to even complete THAT ), but now with a mirror of my local Fed fleet up an running Klink-side I think I'm ready to take the Empire a tad more seriously.

Of course, "seriously" is a relative term in this case as my only KDF character so far (Borg Klingon Engineer, might restart as a Tac) is just Level 26 (with daily logons to farm Winter goodies), so it will be a while yet before I do anything requiring a reasonable amount of thought.

Right now I've got a Norgh BoP (standard) and a Qorgh Raptor in my selection, and as a Lifetimer I've also got access to the Peghqu' Destroyer (the Chimera equivalent), but obviously I won't have my mitts on it until I actually reach Lt. General rank. So far I'm liking the BoP more than the Raptor (which doesn't "feel" as agile as even my Vesta).

In the meantime any advice on from veterans of the Empire as to which ships to stick with and/or spend some cash on would be welcome. Would you consider spending some Zen on the Norgh refit for the skin and Quad cannons a worthy endeavor? For the record I don't do PVP, though I may take it up a little bit since I've heard that's what the KDF's all about.

Also, can the skins from the different BoPs (like the Ning'Tao, Kitang, etc.) be applied to ships like the Heghta? What do you think of the HohSus? Is there a point to buying the low-level BoPs like the QulDun?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to avoid dishonor
don't bother with a BoP lower than your Norgh-there isn't any reason to use them. The Hegh'ta (presently) has two skins stock-the "Haj" and "Hegh'ta" wrappers, and of the two, I find the Haj skin a better looking model (but your tastes may vary).

If you stick with BoPs, the c-store skins can be used to mix and match. On MY norgh, I kept the appearance fairly 'stock norgh" rather than using the Ningtao skin I purchased (note that the Ningtao from the C-store DOES come with one more console slot, so if you buy in, you won't be doing yourself a disservice to use it with the stock Norgh least until you hit Captaincy.)

At Captain rank, if you stay with BoPs, and spend teh ten bucks for the Chi'tang (mostly for the console) you can adjust the appearance piecemeal (I ran the hull and wings of the Ch'tang variant with the neck and saucer section of the Ki'tang, looks mean that way-meaner than the other way even...those 'bent wings' on a long-necked bird really set off the looks something fierce!)

it sounds from your original post like you're a "BoP" kind of player-lots of turn and manuever, not so impressed with gun-count or tankability. IF this is the case, you're in luck-the base model BoP types have a lot to offer all the way up the chain for a player willing to invest some time and effort mastering the art of the Battlecloak, breaking holds and executing resists, and of course, alpha-striking the crap out of someone as you decloak.
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