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12-10-2012, 11:27 PM
so upon further review, a couple more tips that will help your group get the optionals:

1. carrier pets should be on recall until at least midway through the first part. if you use carrier pets at the beginning, you WILL aggro everything and your team will blow up.

2. focus fire on the spheres first. work together as a team, paying attention to who is attacking what and adjust accordingly. spheres should hold priority over cubes first.

3. as you start making your way through the first group, if there are multiple targets incoming, you and your team should start backing up to effectively distance you from the slower tactical cubes. the spheres will keep pace with a ship in reverse. if you need an added boost, use reverse and evasive. distance control will help keep you alive.

4. have your sci guys use sensor scan on groups of spheres. you will shred them apart like a pinata at a birthday party.

5. if you have more than 1 sci, make sure they coordinate with each other. sub nuke the queen when she has 4+ buffs. keep firing off sensor scan whenever you can.

6. coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. have a person calling out directions. if you see 2 people go down in the 2nd optional part, have everyone disengage and evade until 1 or both of those down respawns.

7. cross heal and situational awareness. make sure you know who is attacking what, who has the aggro and heal them. keep them alive so they maintain the aggro. if you work together, this mission is very, very easy.

8. i still love my energy drain build on this map. it makes getting through it soo much easier and quicker. you reduce the hurt and resilience of the tactical cubes. you make the unimatrix logs childs play and you make the queen that much easier.

overall, you should have a well balanced team. make sure you have at least one sci captain. pure dps might be able to roll through this map, but it's doubtful. get yourself a good team and you will be able to appreciate this stf for what it really does. it adds diversity to the dps-centric style that we're all accustomed to. embrace it.