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12-11-2012, 12:21 AM
a 2 AtB fleet ktinga or mirror vorcha holds the highest effective damage dealing cruiser in the game title. a bortasqu with all its tac consoles at best can do a dreadnought style alpha, but otherwise it cant use DHCs, the most damage dealing weapons in the game. beam arrays with 5 tac consoles will deal pretty harsh damage, but a maneuverable vorcha with DHCs will deal more, and it will be spike damage.

the borstaqu is a fed cruiser clone, not a battle cruiser like the ktinga vorcha and negvar. and when i play my kdf, i dont want to play a fed cruiser clone. if they cut the bortasqu's volume and size in half, and gave it at least a 9.5 turn rate, it would be a truly desirable ship.
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