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12-11-2012, 12:21 AM
In terms of big, slow, stupid ships like the Borg, it can be extremely powerful. Trying to use DHCs and such though in PvP...not so much on that ship.

Single cannons and turrets I could see, or a standard beam array thing going on, but not so much DHCs. Things just move too quickly for it too keep up.

The biggest single issue with the Bortas is that it doesn't have a way to naturally enhance it's turn rate. That's the best advantage the Odyssey has, when it uses Chevron Seperation, it becomes SO much easier to turn and move in. The Bortas has it's Snare (which several abilities give immunity to anyways), and the standard Subspace Jump if you wanna use it, but that is about it in terms of helping it.

Sure it can use Omega 1, Evasives, and have points in Impulse Thrusters, all of which help, but the fact is, without like AP DOFFs or something, you are still gonna be turning slowly 90% of the time anyways. Even if you do turn faster, it's still a huge ship, and doesn't slow or stop quickly at all.

IT can be a good ship, and people do need to learn how to fly and handle it, since it isn't like most other ships. But it's far from being worthless, but not the best either.

You really have to treat it what it is: A space whale, I hate the term, but it's true.

It can stay in the fight far more easily than most other cruisers, and lay a major hurting if you can manage to get DHCs on your targetting, especially with up to 5 tactical consoles potentially, not to mention other buffs that might end up being on you.

That all said, the huge and slow size can hurt it a lot, so a smaller cruiser, aka a Vor'cha, or even the Negh'var can be a much better choice.