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12-11-2012, 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by veradodan View Post
I would like to see Cryptic Studios add a new Fleet Ship to the Game: a Fleet Atrox Carrier!
Oh yes, we do!

But I am confident that we will get one, much like we got the Fleet Varanus.

Since the Atrox Carrier is almost a copy of the Klingon Vo'quv Carrier
No, it isn't. Plays differently.

Fleet Atrox Carrier specifications: Those of an Atrox Carrier plus the extra ENG console, the extra Hull (+10%) and extra Shield (+10%) of fleet variants.

I really hope that Cryptic want to meet these demands, and I hope that many of you support these same demands by posting here.
An extra Engineering console? Hm... how about an extra Science console? ^^
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