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12-11-2012, 02:20 AM
Short-term requests

Federation Playable Orion with cultural uniform/clothing through C-store unlock. If a Klingon and Borg can be Federation Captains it stands to reason an Orion could as well.

I tried to play the Klingon side to play an Orion but it is too dark for me to enjoy and I really want to be able to play an Orion. That is not to say the Klingon side is not done well, it is done well and that it is too dark and feels too much like playing the 'bad guys' to me leaves me thinking it is done better than other MMOs that allow players to play the 'bad guys.'

Nothing negative meant about the players who enjoy playing the 'bad guys,' it's just not my cup of tea, and just because I don't enjoy it does not make it something negative.

Mid-term requests

More clothing options for the Klingon side. I have no intent on continuing to play even my Orion on the Klingon side but I could tell in the time I played on the Klingon side of things that they really could use more options in the way of clothing. Not so much a want for me but a want for keeping players who enjoy playing in the Klingon Empire and care about clothing options enjoying playing STO.

Long-term requests

More variety in Formal and Off-Duty clothing, perhaps a traditional long gown formal set. More uniform packs, Formal and Off-Duty clothing for the Klingon side; same reasoning as the mid-term.

Ways to earn fleet and Romulan marks without combat. I am likely in a, oops edit: vast minority not majority, but as a pacifist I really like the ability to advance in STO with minimal combat and being able to do so continues one of the original intents of the Prime Directive, it is also fitting for a Captain from a peaceful race. I didn't mention Omega marks because by the nature of M.A.C.O. and Omega it does not really have a peaceful side and is not for the pacifist, Omega marks being earned only through combat makes sense.

Add to the exploration intent of the original series, add new, unexplored sectors of space every once in a while and areas where combat while exploring is the exception instead finding peaceful systems being the exception like it is now for the current exploration missions.

Correct and in future design of warp capable ship keep to Roddenberry's rule that the nacels had to have direct line of sight to each other in order to work.

Keep up the good work, I have played a lot of MMOs and have looked for an MMO in which there are objectives and advancement but a way to advance as a pacifist. I know I am in the minority among gamers but I don't think I am in the minority to choose MMOs as my games of choice because of the social element. I am really enjoying STO and hope to enjoy it for some time to come. I think the Devs are doing an excellent job and that no game is ever going to please everyone.

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