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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
There is the possibility that he's using a different parser that hasn't been calibrated correctly.
probably that...the OP is reading out the dps numbers written on the weapons on the weapons tray...the other person may very well be stating his overall parsed data, or, as you state, has wrong calibration.

My Tacs can only hit 1900 without buffs per DHC at max power. Adding on another 10% based on what I am losing for using mk XI blues, he has to be using buffs. So you can call him full of Bantha poodoo and move on with your day.
1900 dps sounds also a little too high for MK XI blue are stating the dmg numbers not the DPS numbers here.
...don't mix them. my dmg numbers are 1990 per DHC, but the DPS is 1334 at 125 weapon power.
anything above 1600 DPS with a DC or DHC needs proove in my opinion, because it smells like fabricated data.
Go pro or go home

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