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12-11-2012, 02:26 AM
The point of my build write up was to try and get the people that want to be healers to focus and do the most they can to improve their healing. I think a new PVP player will have their hands full just with that. A escort wouldn?t run anything less than max weapons power for attacks and I think a healer shouldn?t run anything less than max shield and aux power.

I am also trying to teach a mindset of a healer. Now after saying that, I run with many extra consoles and weapons to switch up my build when needed. I like to run 6 to 8 phaser turrets and a CRF for the proc. Right now my skills are even spec for energy weapons (PVE grind).

For the people that want to be a great healer, just focus on healing first. Once a person starts playing they will find the things they don?t like or don?t work well and they can adjust to their needs. Just start with baby steps.
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