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12-11-2012, 05:49 AM
You know back when I still played regularly I would have cared about this post, but since I started playing GW2 WvWvW I can't enjoy STO pvp any more. I can't enjoy these little shoebox matches when I have a whole new world to conquer, and crush each month. Good luck to anyone still playing PvP here, the queues are all but dead. Cryptic promised season 6 would be pvp revamp galore, and yet they still haven't even fixed Alt+F4ing! Cryptic obviously gives absolutely zero ****s about pvp.

Also for the record I think that separate queues for teams & pugs is putting a band-aid on a rotting zombie-infected flesh wound. It stinks and everyone is sick of talking about it we just need to accept that we only keep this thing alive because we love star trek, and not the now lifeless shell of a video game it's inhabiting.

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