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That was a very interesting breakdown on Escorts and their capabilities in the hands of a tactical captain. I agree with almost everything you said, and what I don't agree with isn't worth bringing up. But... it's a DPS based game (as PvE goes anyways)... and what do Tactical captains specialize at? Tearing faces off. What are escorts good at? Tearing faces off. Apples + Apples = more Apples. Until PvE end content changes away from pure DPS (which is a good way for PWE to lose money, so it will never happen), tacscorts will always be the most effective ships for PvE.
It did change. HOE is very conducive to a mixed captain environment. The problem is the average player in this game is so terrible that they can't handle an environment that challenges you to play properly within your class roles.

What's cryptic suppose to do? When they make content more difficult so that control, rebuffs, support, and survivability are key; people whine and complain the content is too hard. When they make it too easy, then the Eng and Sci pilots complain they are undervalued (and they are).

Can't have it both way folks. Either the game needs to get harder or tac/escorts will remain dominant.