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I added the Borg Prosthetic Arm XII to a open project slot and added the necessary materials to begin the project. I went and did something else, came back to the Reputation screen...and there are no projects to "collect", I have 3 open I never added any project. I did notice the Store button is now lit, but when I push that, a window opens, but it's a blank window. If I go back to the list of projects...the Borg Prosthetic Arm XII project is no longer available to select..only XI shows up. Has anyone had this problem...HELP!

screenshot of blank store window -

Edit: Thinking that I could force populate the window somehow, I started another project for Borg Pistols...I watched that project complete and clicked "STORE" and that window opened but the Prosthetic Arm XII weapons don't show up---

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