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12-11-2012, 07:45 AM
I'm having a similar issue as well. It sometimes happens in space, but ALWAYS happens while on foot.

When I run around at all the game gets choppy like my computer is having trouble running the game. The entire game with hitch for half a second every 5-8(ish) seconds that I'm running around or moving the camera quickly. It's especially annoying when it hitches then my camera is facing a completely different directions which disorients me.

The smoothing option under troubleshooting did absolutely nothing for me. I heard somewhere that switching to DX11 would help the problem, but for some reason the option to use DX11 isn't listed under troubleshooting. The problem happens whether I'm on max setting or everything is set to minimum settings.

I have an Nvidia GTX 590, 8 gigs of ram and an intel i7 quad core @ 3.40.

Both the newest drivers and the previous drivers had the same problem for me. I haven't tested older drivers, nor am I willing to sacrifice performance in other games for this one game even if that does happen to be the problem.

I can play pretty much any game out there on max settings without any problems. I play a lot of PC games and this is the first time this computer has every had graphical issues like this in the year or so that I've had it. Also, this is not latency. People in game always seem to try to convince me that it's latency. I've been playing MMO' since EQ1 launched, I know the difference between latency and graphical issues. =P

Anyway, does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know of a fix to this problem or have any suggestions? Would love to continue playing the game, but I'm just getting sick of this issue. Really don't want to quit playing.