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12-11-2012, 08:24 AM
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Tonight I got into a discussion with a guy that runs an escort, and claims to be getting 3000+ DPS per dhc, without buffs.
Bolded for emphasis.

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probably that...the OP is reading out the dps numbers written on the weapons on the weapons tray...the other person may very well be stating his overall parsed data, or, as you state, has wrong calibration.
Apparently, the person is saying PER DHCs. At least with my parser, you can't separate your combat log per weapon. Unless they are taking their average DPS and dividing it by the number of DHCs they have. But, my parser only gives you data on your weapon and your weapon buffed with RF or SV. It does not say if you are using AP:A, TT, Go Down Fighting, or Fire on My Mark.