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12-11-2012, 08:28 AM
It's a neat thing to have, once they add some features (limited (local) duty officer management, remote turning in assignments and dilithium refining, MAIL), but I spotted a few small things with what's there:
  1. Character portraits are pinched.
  2. Introscreen should use Welcome [rank] [lastname] not [rank] [charactername] as it does now.
  3. The gateway's displaying the wrong bridge officers for the ship I'm operating. I haven't got them memorized, but I know I didn't slot any bridge officers with cannon powers on my cruiser. Only the Engineers displayed are the ones I actually use.

The accolade list looks nice, but it's really not that useful, without an overview of yet unfinished accolades, or a better way to organize the lore ones.

But at least it works on Chrome. For now.