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12-11-2012, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
Why should they openly admit "We will never invest any major resources into PvP, what you got so far in ongoing support is all you will ever get"?

That could mean many PvPers will be leaving. And no longer buying the latest C-Store ship for its new console and options (regardless of whether it's OP, UP, or something else, a new ship and a new ability is always cool too have for a PvPer, the infinite tinkerer). What is there to gain for them? Moral superiority? You can't keep a company afloat with that.
I always feel there is no defense for honesty. If they said no more resources for PvP, it would then get rid of expectations, no expectations a lot less anger and vitriol. If they keep the status quo expectations remain, unmet expectations become anger, the situation becomes toxic.
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