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I also just registered on the site @mrgrocer. I have been pvping since beta, took a long break and slowly getting back into the swing of the things. I know I am definitely not coach material but would like to help this project in any way that I can, as STO is the only game I have ever became a serious pvper in. I am not very vocal on OPvP but lurk a lot and try to talk to some of our better players after facing them to learn some more tips.

Please let me know anything I can do to help this great project!

And to its organizers......THANK YOU!
Thanks for this note. At this point, where we most need help is in the area of advertisement. You may have noticed that @drkfrontiers provided directions (See above) for how to create a keybind that will provide people with a link to the Boot Camp website. "Spam" this whenever you have finished a PvP match or at in Kerrat, etc. Also, if you could like your whole fleet know about the event, we would appreciate that as well. And finally, even if you have been PvP-ing for a while, considering showing up for the first event. It is very likely that in the future we will have advanced courses for people like you who have the basics but need something to take them to their next levels.

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