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12-11-2012, 10:19 AM
Borticus has stated that the Borg proc on the old Borg weapons was broken and didn't work like it was supposed to (or at all, for that matter). That is why they were removed from the store.

Despite what a lot of people think, DHCs do not need ACC.

I did tests with a single DHC against one target. My passive accuracy is 25%. His passive defense is ~81%.

With me chasing after him and firing ~750 shots, my accuracy averaged out to ~80%.

Turrets, on the other hand, need the ACC buff if you want better odds at getting a proc.

Another fleet mate fired over 500 shots with a single MK XI [acc]x3 and [crth]x3. I have 80% defense. With the [acc]x3, he hit me 80% of the time and got a 1.5k DPS. With the [crth]x3, he hit me 60% of the time, but got a 1.6k DPS. We didn't test [crtd]x3, as it was more than what he was willing to spend. But, the results were pretty clear....ACC is great if you want a better chance of getting a proc. But, if you want higher damage, you'll want to stick with [crth] or [crtd].