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Well, it should be a little more in depth than that.

In general you have the captain setting the policy and path of the ship, they are the diplomat, the big picture person. There are different styles of captains, like all people, some are more hands on, some micromanage, whatever.

The first officer deals with day to day operations, usually with the heads of departments and not crewman, unless required to. They are responsible for the condition and readiness of ship and crew at all times, so there is a lot of damage reports and personnel reports passing by their desk.

In TNG it was very well done.

DS9, being on a station, was mostly right, combat situations on the station were rare. Sisko called the shots, but was far more approachable than Picard. Kira handles the daily docking requirements and a lot of station security and operations. However Kira wasn't Starfleet, so things like personnel reports tended to go through Sisko.

Voyager tended to run right as well, but Chakotay didn't have the presence of Rieker. Very often we see him following the Captain's direction, handing reports and operations. Janeway tended to control battle tactics, which was a sad sad direction of the show, as a Maquis would have done 10x better than Janeway always waiting for their shields were down to 30% before returning fire.

TOS just wasn't well thought out, and ENT was space cowboys with a non-starfleet first officer (though way better than TOS).