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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
So you would agree to him bringing in Q as an 8 year old chinese girl with pigtails and a teddy?

He Holocausted an entire species and destroyed a series

We can't let him make every female character a mindless "slasherette"
Well, Q is one thing The girl is a minor detail at best

And I think JJ did nothing but expand ST The moment Nero went back in time, the timeline diverged, kick-starting JJ's Trek, while Prime Trek went on almost unaffected (the only loss was Prime Spock, and he was getting old anyway).

So I enjoy JJ's Trek, because it's nothing like the original ST, which I know is also the point: it's ST, but it's seperate at the same time.
Was named Trek17, but still an author.

Been playing STO since Open Beta, and have never regarded anything as worse than 'meh'. I have nothing against the game/devs, nor any particular wish to talk bad about either, or praise most decisions. Still, it's better to be positive than cynical.