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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
So you would agree to him bringing in Q as an 8 year old chinese girl with pigtails and a teddy?

He Holocausted an entire species and destroyed a series

We can't let him make every female character a mindless "slasherette"
dude just take a second. got take ur meds and calm down. its not the end of the world. I for one was actually surprised when they announced dr. marcus, since that woman looks alot like the the dr lady from the gary mitchel episode. forgive me but i can never stay awake long enough to watch most of TOS. just because Its marcus doesnt mean that we r looking at Khan either. because kirk and Marcus had a relationship b4 khan, even though they didnt show it. They gotta make David somehow. so naturally it would need to b when they were younger. So take a breath. sit back and just wait till May when all of our suspicions and theories will either b proven or disproven.

I for one look forward to this ST. Abrams brought life back to a dieing franchise. After the bitter disappointment that was Nemesis and Enterprise. ST needed a new perspective. An alternate universe is good then.
*Me*Why don't you just step away from the weapons console. You and I both know that you couldn't hit that cube, even if it was right in front of us.
*Junior Tactical Officer* But sir the cube IS right in front of us.
*Me* EXACTLY! Its right in front of us and you still missed it! Just step away from the console.