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Originally Posted by momaw View Post

If cruisers in general did what a fully tricked out Vor'cha can do, then they'd be just fine. Make Fed cruisers turn 9 or 10 deg/second and give them another 5 to 10 power in all areas and THEN we'll start having meaningful conversations about how Federation cruisers are performing.

As the Devils advocate, Why should the fed Cruiser get a power buff? Just becuase they do not have access to the Plasmonic Leech?

Is that really the defense to base such a buff for Cruisers on, becuase " Feds don't have it."?

How will you compensate those KDF players whom do not use it but are disadvantaged if the Cruiser get a buff to compensate for the KDF's use of the PL?

Should we also give said buff to Battle Cruisers since they are the KDF form of a Cruiser? Why would it be only a fed thing? Do they have better Power sources over the KDF?

I'm all for buffing the Cruisers turn rate and/or Inertia stats to give a better gameplay feel but only if its not a buff soley to them alone and a balance is maintained. Otherwise this is still a pointless debate as the "we need this " buff will quickly be turned by fan perceptions into a "we deserve this buff becuase we feel we do" buff.

Or such is what I think the Devils Advocate would respond with in this situation.
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